Cali Smuckerz

Buy Cali Smuckerz bud online. cali smuckers is an even cross breed with inspiring and spurring impacts. Bio-chemical defoliants has a smell of new cut citrus and is an incredible state of mind enhancer on the off chance that you are feeling torpid or discouraged. Making you feel more energetic all day through, relax, uplighted, euphoric and keeps you happy.

More so, also helping with pain, depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue. But got some negative effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, less dizzy, anxious and paranoid.

Cali Smuckerz Bud Warning.

This product contains Cannabis, a schedule substance Keep out the reach of children and animals. Cannabis products can only be  possessed or consume  by persons 21+ years of age older unless the person is a qualified patient. The intoxicating effects of cannabis products may stay upto two hours. Cannabis use while pregnant or breast feeding may be harmfull. Consumption of this products impairs your ability to drive operate machinery. Please use Extreme caution.

Weight 14 kg

1/2 oz, Oz, Qp, Hp, P

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