Cali Zkittlez

To begin with Cali Zkittlez. It is an indica-dorminant mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to make this treats prepared strain replicated by third Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This respect winning blend expected first Position at the 2016 Emerald Cup and in front of the pack Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The forceful colas explode in a scope of light green tints and produce a sweet, tropical blend of natural item seasons.

Zkittlez Effects

The effects of Zkittlez are calming, leaving clients connected with, alarm, and happy while releasing up the body to help relax up at whatever point of day.

Cali bud have always been a no-brainer. When it came time to name this strain given the popularity of Kush varieties in The Golden State.


To conclude, this product contains Cannabis, a schedule substance Keep out the reach of children and animals. Cannabis products can only be consume by persons 21+ years of age older unless the person is a qualified patient. The intoxicating effects of cannabis products may stay upto two hours. Cannabis use while pregnant or breast feeding may be harmfull. Consumption of this products impairs your ability to drive operate machinery. Please use Extreme caution.

Weight 14 kg

Oz, Qp, Hp, P

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